Remint your favorite NFTs

Pay tribute to your favorite NFTs and earn HOMAGE tokens.
OpenSea URL of an Ethereum NFT

What is a remint?

Remints are NFTs that replicate another NFT while preserving the original.

Anyone can remint any NFT.

Why remint?

The most popular NFTs are prohibitively expensive. Reminting allows you to create replicas of your favorite NFTs at affordable prices. By reminting through Homage, you earn HOMAGE tokens. HOMAGE tokens track how much you’ve used Homage.

Why remint early?

Remints become progressively more expensive. The more an NFT is reminted, the more it costs to remint it. Early reminters are rewarded by having to pay less to remint their favorite NFTs.

As an NFT owner, why encourage reminting?

The royalties from reminting are claimable by the owner of the original NFT. As an NFT owner, you can earn passive income from remints without having to move, collateralize, or otherwise affect your NFT.

As an NFT creator, why encourage reminting?

Reminting provides an alternative to primary sales. You can earn royalties by retaining your original NFTs and encouraging fans to remint them. Reminting distributes your work onchain, making it accessible to more people, at a more affordable price. You can always opt to sell the original NFT itself in the future.
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