Hellion Aura



    Continuing in a string of mind melting art visualisations Australian based Nate Hill teams up with dutch electronic music creative RODG. Setting things off with an intricate array displaying Nate’s distinct visual creative abilities, teasing in the harmonies of accompanying analogue synth work in a warm and atmospheric arrangement that draws right into both of these gents their intentions, layering a beautiful juxtaposition of conversation between Nate’s art and the deep melodic instrumentation of RODG musically surrounding it.

 Nate Hill on “Hellion Aura”
 Music has always played a huge role in my journey as an artist. From creating soundscapes to match my digital landscapes, to using music and lyrics as inspiration for visuals. This collaboration with RODG has brought both worlds together in a cohesive way. Literally using the music to impact the art. 
 RODG on “Hellion Aura”
 Creatively challenged this was the first time for me creating music with visual art as a source of input. Big fan of Nate’s work I felt honoured to lay my hands creating music to translate the emotion from the art to a music composition. Very much enjoyed working on this with the Minilogue and a Moog Sub37 being my go to tools on setting the right feels. Additional Utility:
 Owner of this piece unlocks the following in the RODG Moonwalk wallet: - Extended track in .wav - Exclusive version of Hellion Aura - Royalty free sample pack taken from the record - 3x RODG show backstage access, 1x a year, based upon availability Owner of this piece unlocks the following in the Nate Hill Moonwalk wallet: - Alternate version of the art based off the waveform of the audio (Minted to SuperRare)

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